Zoey Andrews

Zoey Andrews was born Amanda Elizabeth Stivers on October 2, 1972 in Houston, Texas. She was raised in the state of Louisiana but currently resides in California, USA. Zoey Andrews is 5 feet and 10 inches in height (178 centimeters) and weighs 161 pounds (73 kilograms). She is a natural blonde with natural blue eyes. Her body measurements are 38DD-34-40. Zoey Andrews has one tattoo on her lower back and a piercing on her navel.
Zoey Andrews began her career in the adult entertainment business in 2008, despite being a mom to one son. Most of her work are in the genres of MILF, bored wife, slutty mom, interracial, lesbian and threesome. Zoey Andrews admits to be turned on by dirty talk, light bondage, tattoos and hair pulling.

Other than being a hot pornstar, Zoey Andres is also a registered clinical nurse. She is admittedly a bisexual and is married, though still engaged in swinging activities.

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Zoey Andrews Creampie shows the nice round ass of the beautiful MILF. Zoey Andrews is doing one of her favourite positions. She is on top, with a thick black cock filling her cunt. Other than her round ass, what catches our attention is the thick white cream oozing out of Zoey Andrews’ pussy. That must be one hell of a good time both of them are getting! This lucky black guy just got his rocks off to a sexy cougar. It’s safe to assume that Zoey got her rocks off also.


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Zoey Andrews huge tits makes her one hot momma. She has a set of natural 38DDs! Here we see the blonde bombshell Zoey Andrews joined by her brunette friend Jesse Renee. Instead of the usual girl talk and catching up, these two end up playing with each other. Jesse Renee is sucking on the huge tits of Zoey Andrews and it looks like both of these sexy ladies are enjoying it. Just take a look at their faces. Girls know how to suck each others breast in just the right way. After all females know how it feels as compared to men who don’t know what breasts feel like and how to suck them properly unless they have been schooled by a female teacher.


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Zoey Andrews Pussy gives us a hardcore threesome. Zoey Andrews is lying on the white couch naked, except for her black garter belts, stockings and high heeled shoes. Because she is lying down, we get to see the largeness of Zoey Andrews’s tits with erect pink nipples. Zoey’s mouth is open as if she is moaning. Her legs are spread out wide while a sexy naked brunette girl is licking her hairless cunt. The brunette has big breasts too. She is on her hands and knees while a tattooed black guy is fucking her from behind. This is one hot scene from Zoey Andrews and her friends.

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Zoey Andrews Doggy Style is about the hot MILF Zoey Andrews being taken from behind by a black guy. In this interracial porn set, Zoey Andrews and the guy are inside a room with dim lights and a cozy bed. Zoey Andrews is on her hands and knees, completely naked. Her eyes are closed and her chin is up. It looks like Zoey Andrews truly enjoys harcore sex combined with a little hair-pulling. Like many Milfs we are to believe that having her hair pulled is a major turn on.


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It looks like Zoey Andrews lost in strip pool and she gladly pays the price. Her we see the sexy blonde babe Zoey Andrews on top of a pool table. The red dress that she is wearing has been pulled up and we can now see her red panties. Zoey Andrews is on her hands and knees and her eyes are closed while her mouth is busy sucking on a guy’s cock. The guy is standing up, still wearing a black shirt and his pants and boxers have been taken down. His left hand is on Zoey Andrews’ hair while Zoey’s hand is touching his balls.

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Zoey Andrews Threesome shows hot and steamy action between Zoey Andrews and two hunky black guys. We see Zoey on the bed, wearing black mesh top and black boots. She is turned a little bit to her side and one guy is fucking her. Zoey Andrews’ eyes are closed while her mouth is full of cock. The other guy is standing up, holding Zoey’s leg and hair while he chokes her with his thick cock. Basically she is getting it from both ends all she needs now is one more stud to fill her remaining hole.


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The blonde bade Zoey Andrews sure knows how to give every guy a hard-on. Here she looks really pretty and hot with her long hair messed up around her face. She is crouching forward and the leopard print dress that she is wearing had been pulled down and we can see that she has black bra on. It seems that her bra is not enough to keep her large 38DDs in. Look at those massive jugs scream for attention. The naughty Zoey Andrews makes us want to squeeze those tits right now.

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While other women go to their doctors to get botox or to their salons to get facials, Zoey Andrews has a different way of keeping her skin youthful and glowing. Here we see Zoey Andrews lying on a bed with red printed sheets. Her hair is messy, her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and her great big tits are exposed. Zoey Andrews’ beauty secret? Facial. Cum-facial that is; she gets to have cum shot on her face and everywhere else during sex and she absolutely loves it.

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Zoey Andrews boobs have never looked so appealing as they do here as she pulls them up and attempts to suck her nipples.  She is wearing a pair of pink and black lingerie and black stockings with lace. She is standing up with both of her hands cupping her very large breasts up to her chin. Zoey Andrews is sticking her tongue out and trying to lick her tits. Not everyone can do this to themselves. And it makes us want to try a motorboat move in-between those huge hugs of hers. This is a milf glamor picture with her make up done perfectly.